Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Trek is Angry

Today's practice was a Bike Threshold Test. In this you bike at a approx cadence of 90 rpm for 30 minutes in zone 4 (for me that is between 152-171 bpm). At each 10 minute interval you check your cadence and heart rate. Overall it went pretty good. I don't have a cadence on my gps so I'm not sure how fast I was going. (This is my next future purchase.) I felt pretty fast but Coach did yell (nicely) at me a couple of times to go faster- but that's normal. I like to pedal S.L.O.W. (comparatively) but with more resistance. Pedaling fast with less resistance just seems like more work. Oh boy.

The highlight of the entertainment at practice today was when I was sandwiched between Andres and Preston. They were having this discussion about soy milk. Supposively if you don't drink the right kind of soy milk you will get cancer and die. This is all I took out of the converstion as I didn't have much energy to listen or ask for clarification becasue I was about to go into zone 6 (aka the zone where your heart stops beating and you fall off your bike and die).

Today I decided that I definitely need a bike fit. I have been getting a lot of pain in my left leg. It's hard to describe where it hurts but it is basically on the backside/outside of my leg behind my knee. I was doing this funky thing with my foot while I was biking that has been corrected but that hasn't fixed the pain. XXX moved my seat up today (thank you!) and that did help a lot but my leg still hurts and I am sick of it hurting so I guess a bike fit is the next step.

Last bit of bad news. The Trek (my bike) is angry. Not sure how this happened but one of the cables came loose and it is flopping in the wind. I noticed it today when I tried to change my front gear and there was zero movement. Lovely. I guess I will be going back to the bike shop earlier than I had expected.

Happy note of the day: I have officially survived the first month of IM training... and I am still smiling! Yay to February 1st!

Off to bed now. Swimming tomorrow. 4:30 wake-up call.

Today's workout: Bike on trainer
15 minute warm up
30 minute zone 4 Threshold test
10 minute cool down

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