Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swim threshold test, bike chunk saga, and a bad shopping experience... all in 1 day!

After having 2 rest days I was back at it again today. I was supposed to run an easy 20 minutes on Sunday or Monday but I figured that my soccer game tonight  made up for it. :) Oops. I guess that is cheating a little. ;)

This morning was swimming at the aquatic center. It was really low yardage but fast. We had a 1000 meters time trial. It went pretty good. I have never considered myself a long distance swimmer. In high school and college I swam mainly butterfly and some IM....but NEVER long distance freestyle. So when someone tells me to swim a 1000 meters (long course) as fast as I can that is still a bit like hearing someone speak to me in Greek. However, regardless of the Greek, I did figure it out and I went as fast as I could. In the end I felt like I could have gone faster.... but I'm not sure I should have because my hands and feet were starting to go numb towards the end. My time was 16 minutes 48 seconds. I think we are going to do this every month. I'll be curious to see what happens next month.

So the Trek is much angrier than I thought she was. I took her to the bike shop today. Unfortunately, what I thought was just a loose cable is a spring that is broken.  I need this huge chunk replaced that moves the chain from gear to gear. What is the "chunk" you may ask? He$$ if I know! All I know is I am supposed to call Dez on Friday to see if the "chunk" has arrived as they did not have it in stock. Nice.

I also went shopping for a new bathing suit tonight. I figured it was time because mine is falling apart. So on the way to soccer tonight I went to Ross off Semoran. Prolly not the greatest idea to go there in the dark as my chances of getting kidnapped, shot or mugged there are higher than winning the lottery. But anyways, they are notorious for having $10 speedo suits that are FABULOUS! So I got there, walked around and found one! (I was super excited because they are often not in stock.) I go to pay for it and guess what?! I don't have my purse. Of all places, I left it at home. I was royally pissed.

Today's Workout: Swim
Warmup: 400 easy
1000 meters time trial (my time 16:48)
Cool down: 200 kick; 100 back

Total: 1,700 meters

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