Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fat Camp

At today's practice you could have easily mistaken it to be a Fat Camp like from the Biggest Looser instead of a tri club practice. CL had us doing all kinds of crazy things and the group was pretty chatty so she had to redirect us quite a few times. This is basically what practice sounded like today as CL barked out orders....

"Go run 2 miles. Now get in a line and do jumping jacks. Stop. Now run in place with a high cadence. Faster. That's too slow. Stop talking. Do it again that wasn't fast enough. Now take your shoes off. Don't sit down to take your shoes off- do it standing up instead to engage your core. Now run in a circle with your shoes off focusing on cadence and foot strike. Faster feet but don't go forward too fast. Stop talking. Put your shoes back on but leave your socks off. Go inside. Find a partner and a foam roller. Hurry up. We are running out of time. Do these 3 exercies (they were explained). You're not doing it right..... "

LOL. I think we drive her a little crazy. :) Today was fun. It was a bit different than what we normally do. RB was my partner and we had some good laughs trying to figure out the foam roller exercises.

Today's workout: run and stuff
2 mile run
running drills
foam roller core exercises

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  1. If you had arrived at 5:30, you could have seen the rest of us trying on super-tight spandex.

    Have you SEEN what a walrus looks like? It is worse in spandex.