Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Charge, Snack Lady's nightmare, rum & coke, and dance party

Today's bike ride on the trainers was great. Cult Leader was feeling sick so XXX and I were in charge. FYI, whenever XXX is in charge lookout. So my morning started off like this... I walk into the gym where we bike and I see XXX telling everyone to go home. He said that Cult Leader put him in charge and so he decided that he might as well make the best of it and make everyone happy. After a good laugh we all get on our bikes and start rolling. We worked it out so that XXX was the time keeper and I would tell everyone what to do when it was time. This worked out great in the beginning but then PD chirped in when XXX was out of line (not doing his job correctly). PD is very detail oriented, and a precise time keeper- something that he felt XXX was lacking. :) Although, XXX was prolly having a hard time keeping an eye on the time because we were all harassing him about the music he was playing... and that we heard the same Black Eyed Peas song 3 times in a row. Haha.

Today's workout was a bit boring so we had to liven it up. Thus the following...

I shared with everyone today Snack Lady's nightmare last night. I dreamed that I brought Pizza Hut for everyone this Saturday and everyone said they hated pizza and refused to eat it. Haha. They all then said that after riding 60 miles they would eat just about anything.

Then we all started talking about how we should drink rum and coke while biking. The rum would provide a pain killer effect and the coke would give us the sugar to keep going. I think this sounds like a fabulous idea.... we might just have to move our location away from the YMCA....

Jess, Little T and I had a brief dance party at the end to the song below. All of the guys were rolling their eyes at us. It was great.

Today's Workout: Bike on trainer
10 min warmup
Main set: repeat 5 times
8 min in big chain ring at cadence 65
2 min easy
10 min cool down

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