Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun swim drills

On Tuesday we swam at the Aquatic Center on International Drive again. When we walked onto the pool deck, we were greeted with a nice surprise.... the pool was in short course yards!! It is normally setup in long course meters (50m). I was very happy about this... so much that I started cheering. Why you might ask? Well I can swim a lot faster doing flip turns so often... Surprisingly though, I actually missed the long course. After swimming in a long course pool a short course one feels like a midget pool. :)

Practice was very different than usual. We did some fun drills- which was nice because it was beginning to feel like all we do is swim repeat 400's and 500's. One drill was where you paired up with another person and one person pulled and the other kicked while holding on to the puller's feet. My partner was Amy, AKA Wings because she is a pilot. She is an amazing puller, and I am a pretty good kicker. That was fun. However, when we switched and I pulled and she kicked that wasn't quite as fun...

Today's workout: Swim
2,400 yards

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