Saturday, February 4, 2012

Watching paint dry is more exciting than biking on a trainer for 3 hrs

The gang went on a 55 mile bike ride this morning but I decided not to go so I could be with my Dad and Beth at home. So instead, I rode my bike on my trainer for 3 hours. Let me tell ya, I think watching paint dry is more exciting than riding on your bike in your living room for 3 hours! The first two hours went pretty good. We had some great conversations. At one point Tubby was about to puke so Dad tried to pick him up to get him to a tile floor. Unfortunately, it didn't go that great. Dad stepped on his tail. Tubby got freaked out and ran. Dad started running.... finally got him and put him in the bathroom. However, when he put him in there he didn't close both doors (there are 2 doors to my bathroom) and Tubby ran out the other door. It was hilarious. I almost fell off my bike from laughing so hard.

After hour numero duos I wanted to shoot myself. Everything started to hurt.... and more than normal. I think it was the trainer. Who knows. Then Dad found this SPECTACULAR movie on TV to watch. Can you sense the sarcasm? :) I'm in the living room watching it too until I notice that all of a sudden I am the only one watching it because he was sleeping. What's wrong with this picture?! (see pic below) Thank goodness for Pandora, email, FB, and texting!

The highlight of this morning was when the entire team rode their bike past my house and was shouting "Go Katie Go" because they knew I was riding by myself at home. Thanks guys. That was so sweet of you. That made me smile. :)

Today's Workout:
3 hr bike on trainer
Avg HR 130

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