Friday, August 3, 2012

91 days left until the big day!

Well folks, it's been a while since I've posted.... mainly because all I do anymore is eat, sleep and workout. Here are the highlights since April..

Races I've completed in:
1. Danskin Sprint Tri on May 13th. That went really well. I scored in the top 3 in my age group again so I get to do it for free  next year.  Yay! I would never pay to do that race ever again especially since it is only filled with newbies that don't know what they are doing. One girl had gotten on her bike in the very beginning, biked up a huge hill (it was in Clermont) then was pedaling so slow she fell over right in front of me and I was 2 inches away from rolling over her HEAD. I just about had a heart attack.

2. Florida 70.3 on May 20th. I was really sick for this race.... 2 ear infections and a sinus infection to be exact. I was half dead, but I finished in 6:30ish. It was not as fast as the 70.3 in Miami last fall where I went 6:14. Oh well. That's ok. I went slow and tried my best to stay in my IM heartrate zones so that is ok.

3. Pineapple Man Sprint on June 3rd. That was a really fun race. However getting started was a bit of a fiasco in the morning. Believe it or not, when I was on my way to the race I needed gas so I stopped at a 7-11 at 4:45am to pump up my car. As I was standing there a car drove into a retention pond right in front of me! I was the only person around who saw it.... so I grabbed my phone and called 911. I was on the phone with the operator when I ran across the street to see if the person was ok (with the gas pump still in my car) and when I arrived the black BMW was almost completely sumberged underwater. There were maybe 4 inches still showing. When I first got there there was no sign of life. I was freaking out thinking I should jump in the water and save this person.... because I did of course have my tri suit on! Luckily, about 30 seconds after I ran over there the person was able to wiggle out through the window. Long story short, the police, ambulance, fire dept came... however before they showed up the guy offered me money to drive him home (b/c he didn't want to be around when the cops showed up). I went into Counselor Katie mode and kept telling him "My dear, I don't think that is a good choice." Luckily he was nice and still had some sense in him to listen to me.  Oh, and the triathlon went good too. I won a pineapple. Yay!

4. Heartland Tri in Sebring, FL. This was a fun road trip with Leslie, Becky and Keren. We stayed in the same hotel room. The funniest part was when we walked in and saw our room only had 1 king size bed and that they were sold out of hotel rooms. That was an intersting night! :) Luckily there was a pull out couch too!  The tri went well. The run was a little annoying because you ran through every fork off of a roundabout. I didn't know that going into it (I couldn't find any maps of the course) so after the 2nd time coming back to the roundabout I wanted to scream. You feel like you aren't going anywhere when you keep coming to the same darn place! However, it was fun in a way because I got to see Becky (aka the Shuminator) about every 1/2 mile. She beat me at this race but just by a little bit. It was funny because afterwards she said she was going crazy every time she woudl turn I would still be right behind her.

Training updates:
1. Hip/groin injury
My right hip has been hurting quite a bit lately. It used to only hurt when I ran but now it hurts when I bike on the trainer also. My new best friends are naproxen, the gel ice pack (or any other random frozen vegetable bag- who knew frozen edamamae was such a great ice pack!), foam roller, and the couch. My hip was doing fairly well until this past Sunday when I was out running. I was at mile 10 (of 12) and my groin muscle just popped suddenly. I couldn't even walk at first so I sat on the sidewalk on Narcoossee trying to think of what I should do. Luckily, my knight and shining armour (XXX) saw me sitting there and rode up in his SUV on his way to church. I jumped in and he gave me a ride home. Thank goodness! That was going to be the longest 2 mile walk of my life.

2. In general I have been working out 13 days in a row with 1 rest day. If you asked the CL she would disagree and say that every Friday is a rest day in addition to the 1 every 13 days because that is when we have our "recovery run". A recovery run is defined as running 3-4 miles staying in zone 2. In my humble opinion, anytime I have to run that is not a rest day. :D

3. Since I last posted in April here is a summary of the weekend workouts since then:

Sat 7th: 56 mi bike
Sun 8th: 8 mi run (right hip hurt)

Sat 14th: 50 mi bike; 6 mi run
Sun 15th: 8 mi run (but I rollerbladed b/c right hip hurt)

Sat 21st: swam
Sun 22nd: hip hurt- rested

Sat 28th: 65 mi bike (right hip hurt)
Sun 29th: supposed to run but instead ran in pool for 1 hr 45 min (b/c of hip)

1st weekend in Destin for family reunion. Rested

Sat 12th: Bike 35 mi; Ran 2mi
Sun 13th: Danskin Tri Sprint

Sat 19th: Sick
Sun 20th Florida 70.3

Sat 26th: Tried out cross-fit as a break of training.
Sun 27th: Ran 4.5


Sat 4th: Biked 1 hour; Ran 2 mi
Sun 5th: Pineapple Man Sprint Tri

Sat 9th: Ran 7 mi
Sun: Rest

Sat 16th: 76 mi bike; 4 mi run
Sun 17th: Heartland Sprint Tri

Sat 23rd: Bike 70 mi; Run 4mi
Sun 24th: Ran 7.5 mi


Sat 30th: Biked 50 mi
Sun 1st: Rest

Sat 7th: Biked 38 mi; Swam 2,000yrds at lucky's; Ran 6 mi
Sun 9.1 mi run

Sat 14th: 71 mi bike
Sun 15th: Rest

Sat 21st: 1 hr bike (out of town)
Sun 22nd: 1 hr bike (still out of town)

Sat 28th: 76 mi bike; 4 mi run
Sun 29th: 10 mi run (right groin popped)

Ok. That is all for now. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a 60 mi bike and 4 mi run in zone 3. Tubby is sitting next to me on the couch right now. He gave up on me going to bed (since it is past my bedtime and it isn't even 10pm on a Friday night). I will have to carry him to bed. Gnight ya'll!