Sunday, February 12, 2012

Allergic to running?

I live in Florida for a reason. I don't like to be cold. This morning it was 34 degrees for our run. I hope that is the last time I run in 34 degrees this year because that is just plain crazy. The gang met at Dunkin Donuts today at 6am and headed out for our 7 mile run. I wore all the running clothes I had. The best piece of clothing I wore was a fleece scarf covering my face and neck. Wow, I will never run again in the cold without that ever again.

Most of my run was spent with Hairy Scary. At one point towards the end we were talking about how we couldn't feel our butt anymore and that everything from the waist down felt tingling. It was real cold so I didn't think much of it. Well when I got home I noticed that my entire left cheek and thigh was bright red, itchy, and swollen. After 3 hours it started to look and feel normal again. I'm not sure what happened. Hmm... Cult leader thought it might be the fabric of my tights or the cold. I think I am just allergic to running. Maybe I should start avoiding running like the plague.....

Today's workout: run in zone 3
7.54 mile run
Avg pace: 11:15/mile
Avg HR: 146
Total Calories Burnt: 769
Time: 1:24

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  1. Then bring that fleece scarf to Panama City because it might be that cold in November.