Friday, February 10, 2012

Snack Lady in charge. Lookout.

Cult leader was not feeling well this morning so Snack Lady led today's foam roller workout. Wow. I have to admit it is kind of intimidating to have 20+ people staring at your every move. :) Overall it went really well. Even though I took an anatomy class in college I chose to forget all of it because I hated that class so much. So today instead of using all of the technical names of the muscles... I just told it like it was. (Put the grid under your butt and roll.) Haha. It worked. Everyone knew what to do. :) It was a pretty quiet morning. No XXX and no fire alarms. Oh, AND Snack Lady got to do some advertising for our new snack program. :D = BIG SMILE.

Today's workout:
Foam roller for 45 minutes
15 min ab class

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