Thursday, February 16, 2012

Question of the day: To buy a tri bike or to not buy a tri bike. Hmm.

Today's swim practice was a ladder. I swam in with Jenn, Andres and Dave today. No real exciting stories. :) After work I attempted to get my bike fixed. I stopped by the bike shop (with my bike) but found out that they ordered the wrong part so I have to go back in a week once the right part arrives. This is starting to get annoying.

I am really considering buying a tri bike. Between my road bike (with aero bars) causing pain in my leg and having it be too big I am beginning to wonder if I can put that many miles on my bike without being extremely uncomfortable and in pain. I know biking 112 miles on any bike is going to be painful but not to the point where it causes an injury. Hmm.

Today's workout: swim
Warmup: 200 pull; 100 kick
Main set:
50 easy
100 easy
200 easy
300 easy
400 easy
500 easy
400 mod
300 mod
200 hard
100 hard
50 hard
Cool down: 200 back; 100 kick

1 comment:

  1. biking should not cause pain. exhaustion - yes. pain - no. any pain that we have now that is caused from sitting on the seat for extended periods should be very minimal by the end of march/april. by that time we will be focused more on muscles, and less on whether we can do the activity for an extended period. if pain is more than just sore from being in the saddle, then we need to fit you better on your bike, or if the bike can not be fit to you, then you should probably get a different one. keep up the good work!