Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wetsuits are the devil!

Saturday started off the way I had expected but then Cult Leader threw a (good but unexpected) monkey wrench into things. So for starters.... I met up with XXX, his son, and Little T at the YMCA and we drove to Lucky's Lake where we did 2 crossings (about 2yards). The water was chilly (especially for us southerners)... 70.2 degrees. To check out more about Lucky's Lake go to There is a cool 7 minute video that explains what it is all about. The main reason we went out there was to swim in our wetsuits as we will have to wear a wetsuit for our IM race. This is the first time I had ever swam in a wetsuit. OMG. I hate wetsuits. I felt like I was being strangled and suffocated. When I first got in the water I was on the verge of having a panic attack. Very weird. After a little while I got somewhat used to it.

After swimming we went for a 75 minute run. I ran with Jess and Camel in the beginning. Boy was that a mistake. They are both way too fast for their own good. After huffing and puffing (running about a 8:30 min/mile) with them for about 3 miles I couldn't hold on any longer so they went ahead and I settled into a 9:30-10:30 min/mile pace. It was SUPPOSED to be in zone 2. While running with them I think I was in zone 10.... basically any minute from needing a defibrulator. The rest of the run was ok but not great. I was pretty sore from lifting weights yesterday and also from walking all day at Legoland for a 6th grade fieldtrip. I'm not sure what happened but at Legoland my middle toe on my right foot started to really hurt. That really flared up from the run today. Oh well. I'm sure it will go away soon...

After the swim and run Cult Leader texted me to go out to lunch with her. She mentioned also having to pickup her race packet at Disney because tomorrow was the Princess Half Marathon. She said she wouldn't be there long so I agreed to go with her. Lunch was nice... went to TF and I for once found something that I like there. Long story short, we went to the Expo and it was not a short trip. I should have known! I bought a bunch of stuff (that I prolly shouldn't have) and walked ... or shall I say hobbled around way too much (since my toe basically felt broken and my thighs were screaming from today's running and yesterday's weights). As I am hobbling around CL then tells me that one of her other runners couldn't race tomorrow and asked if I would like to take their place. I thought I would get the packet and then make my decision. Little did I know that decision had already been made for me. :) So here I go...  tomorrow I am running a half marathon!

Today's workout: swim/run brick

Swim at lucky's  2,000 yards (2 crossings)

Run 75 minutes in zone 2 (was the goal)
Actual stats:
Ran 7.45 miles
Time: 1:12
Avg pace: 9:45/mile
Avg HR: 165 (avg was a low zone 3)


  1. Two crossings at Lucky's is 2000m or 1.2miles the same distance as a half ironman. Don't sell yourself short! :-)

  2. I wish it was only a 1000 yards.