Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disney's Princess Half Marathon

Today started with getting up at 2:30am so we could get to Disney by 4am for the start of the race at 6. I was really excited because I had never done a Disney race (other than the Danskin... but I was told that that one didn't count (LOL) ... however I was also really nervous because my toe was still sore and my legs were still screaming despite taking Tylenol, using the foam roller, and going to bed at 7:30 wrapped in ice. Luckily everything went numb and didn't really hurt. The race was really awesome. This is by far the coolest race I have ever done. It was sold out... 20,000 crazy people dressed in tutu's and tiaras... 19,500 women and maybe 500 men. Even the guys wore tutu's or skirts... Wallace you are a trooper! We had a lot of people come from the Lake Nona YMCA running group and some from Team Vortex (the Lake Nona YMCA Triathlon Club that I workout with). It was a really nice group. I ran with Jessica and Wallace for a bit and also with Amanda. I took the first half of the race really easy. CL even made us walk the first 5 minutes to warm up. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin as everyone sprinted at the start while we were walking. That was hard. I am competitive and don't like to get passed....but I get it. It was for the greater good... and this was not my "A" race.... and considering last night I was almost comatose... going slow in the beginning was prolly the right thing to do. At mile 6 in Magic Kingdom I picked up the pace because I was (surprisingly) not feeling very tired. The time spent running in the Disney parks (MK and Epcot) were 3 miles at the most. Most of it was spent on the highways connecting the Disney parks. Surprisingly there was a lot going on. There were Disney characters everywhere. People stood in (very long) lines to get their picture taken with them. They also had lots of high school bands and chorus' there performing. LNHS' chorus was there. I saw them at the end along with Mr. and Mrs. Chase. That was really cool. I slapped all of their hands as I went by. I also saw Jennifer Weber while she was there working. She works for a company that takes pictures for these events. She was in MK. It was a great day. :) Afterwards the gang went to Sweet Mamas for breakfast/lunch.

Best song of the day, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" by Kelly Clarkson. This was the official race song and I swear I heard it at least 6 times along the course. Does this song just make you want to get up and run or what?! :)

Below is a picture of the Cult Leader and I at the start and then me at the MK castle. :)

Today's workout: 1/2 Marathon
13.19 miles
2:17 time from my Garmin... not my official race time (doesn't include a potty stop and a 2 picture stops b/c my watch pauses automatically)
Avg Pace: 10:25/mile
Calories Burnt: 1315
Avg HR: 156

Official Disney Stats:

Chip Time2:30:27
Overall Place5210 / 15784
Gender Place5210 / 15784
5K Split1:03:25
10K Split1:22:32
15K Split1:54:29

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