Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stampede of elephants

Swimming today was filled with lots of drills and then sprints. I swam with PD and XXX. On the 100's descend I went 1:16, 1:15, 1:12, 1:09. It felt pretty good except for the end where I felt like I needed a defibrillator. :) However, the funniest part of practice (by far!!) was when Jeff, Stebra, Walrus and Camel were swimming in a lane. Cult leader had told them to circle swim and draft off each other. However, instead of doing that they all pushed off at the exact same time and it became a stampede of elephants.  Talk about hilarious. It was mass chaos with people swimming on top of each other and running into the lane lines. I was laughing so hard!! (Sorry guys!) All I can say is that I was glad I was not in that lane... I prolly would have an anxiety attack with so many people in my little bubble.

500 warmup alternating 100 pull; 100 kick
3x100 drills
3x100 of more drills
400 easy swim focus on form
4x100 fast decending R30
4x50 on 1:00
4x25 on :25
200 back

2,400 meters (short course)


  1. You are looking at this all wrong, it was brilliant training. We were purposely swimming in a tight pack to get used to the kicking and flailing that happens in races....Not everyone can get in front of the school(Yes I am calling a large group of swimmers a school, it works go with it) and stay there!

  2. Just FYI - You left out the second set of 3 x 100m Drills and shorted yourself on total yardage. The workout was 2400.

  3. I thought it was longer than 2100.

  4. Ryan, Doing that on purpose?! Whatever. :)

    Beth, Thanks! I thought that something seemed off. I'll have to update it. :)