Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rainbow Bright

Swam this morning at the Aquatic Center. This week is a recovery week. Yay! Today's swim felt almost too easy. I swam in a lane with XXX. Not many came to practice this morning. Lots of people are out of town for work. The news for the day is Preston now has a nickname.... Rainbow Bright. :) Why? Well you will always find her wearing something very colorful. I think it is very fitting.

Today's workout: Swim
Warmup: 300 pull; 200 kick
10x100 Threshold pace + 5 seconds (I basically did the 100's on the 1:35 with 10 seconds rest)
10x100 at Threshold pace (This was on the 1:30 with 10 seconds rest)
Cool down: 100 kick; 200 back

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