Saturday, February 18, 2012

First 60 miler!

Today was a 60 mile bike ride. This morning I was kind of having a mental block because I have never rode that far before. Sixty just seems like a big number. :) I am happy to report that I survived, didn't bonk, didn't crash (however 2 on our team did today, luckily they were ok), and didn't get hit by any moving vehicles (although a bus and truck did try to run us over).

Today we had a newbie join the team, named Ryan. I rode with him (and talked his ear off) for a good amount of the time... so that really helped keep me distracted. I think the funniest part of the whole day was when he was given his nickname, the camel. Why a camel? Well he doesn't believe in drinking anything. I think he had maybe 2 water bottles the entire 60 miles. Surprisingly, he was given this nickname by his buddies years ago. I guess old habits die hard.

On our way out the the airport loop we had to pull over and wait for the group to get back together. While we were waiting this man in a motorized wheelchair rolled up and started hooting and hollering, saying all of this random stuff. Everyone just looked at each other thinking, 'what the'? So, of course I took a picture of him (see below). XXX (Scot) is to the right in the gator jersey.

Today's Workout: Bike
61.66 miles
Avg speed 17.3mph
Calories Burnt: 3001 (wow, I think I will be eating a horse later on today!)
Time: 3:33 (doesn't include a break at the 30 mile mark)

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