Monday, February 27, 2012

Tubby is a model

I think my body is paying me back for all the abuse this weekend. Today is my day off (no cardio). I set my alarm for 7:30 (sleep in time- wow!) but unfortunately I have been getting up so early that I couldn't even sleep that late. I made it to 6:30... which is pretty good. When I got out of bed my entire body was in a knot. I got the foam roller out and did some rolling. While rolling Mr. Tubby was looking at me like I was psycho.

Speaking of Tubby, he is the Team Vortex mascot. He was pretty excited this past weekend so he put on his team uniform with a little help from me. LOL. See below. :)

Tubby thinks he is a model. :)

The funny part was that my uniform almost fit him perfectly!!! I think he has been eating too many lizards. :)

Tubby is feeling our pain of what it is like to be a tootsie roll in a uniform. Notice how he is trying to get it off with his front paw.

Have to get a good shot of his back. Go Team Vortex. :)

 Tubby's real thoughts about the uniform. This S%$#S! Haha. He also doesn't like the flash on the camera either. Put those two together and he is ready to bolt!

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