Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The snack lady likes her space so get out of her lane!!!

After 2 days of heavenly rest I felt like a new woman today. Last night I was so excited to go swimming today that I couldn't fall asleep. I usually get in bed around 9-9:30 and fall asleep right away. However, last night I didn't fall asleep until at least 10:30. I know my alarm was set because I usually check it at least a million times (or at least it feels like that) before I go to sleep.... but for some reason it didn't go off this morning. (Or maybe it did and I was just so tired I turned it off in my sleep.) The good news is I woke up 5 minutes before I need to leave. I jolted out of bed scared to death. I dunno. I definitly wasn't myself this morning. When we arrived at the pool I feel out of the Coach's car... not quite sure how that happened... I guess I am just not coordinated when I jump out of bed. :)

Swim practice went great. It went by super fast and lots of people (16 in all- everyone except for Walrus basically) showed up. The only bad thing about that is that almost everyone was swimming in MY LANE!!! Not only was I claustrophobic with everyone around me but no one swam the same speed so everyone was on top of each other the entire time. I hate that. I think Coach is trying to torture me. She knows I like my own space and like to swim in my own "bubble". She tells me that she is just getting me ready for the knockdown drag-out punching/kicking match at IMFL. I am sure she is right... but I really do hate it. Grr.

I am officially the snack lady of Team Vortex. This was established on the car ride back from swim practice today. On the weekends when we have our bricks I will be organizing people to bring recovery snacks/drinks. It should be fun. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and all the moms would signup for snacks on soccer game days. Ahh to be little again.

Penguins lost tonight.... 1-2. We played a good game. I didn't go out with everyone afterwards because I have to go to bed early. (I can hear the crazy IM youtube video playing- for those that have seen it... you know what I mean.) I figure I have to draw the line somewhere if i decide to keep playing soccer...

Today's workout: Swim
Warmup: 500 free
Main Set: 2x400 R20 (within each 400 is 50 hard; 50 easy. Repeat until done)
500 pull
2x200 R20 Breath 3,5,7
Cool down: 200 back

Total: 2,400 meters
Time: 45ish minutes

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