Monday, January 16, 2012

25 LB Alarm Clock

Early text this morning from Coach saying our bike practice was changed to spin at 6am, so I went back to sleep. Unfortunately, my 25 lb alarm clock AKA Tubby my cat thought this was an awful idea and proceeded to lay on me until I got up. He really is a great furball. Spinning went well. I took it easy because I still wasn't feeling that great. Speed-E was the instructor and he did a great job whooping my butt. XXX and Little T was there. At one point I thought XXX was going to fall off his bike because his face was so red. A 45 minute spin class really goes fast when you have good people to hang out with. No work today. Yay! MLK Day... going to be resting up on the couch. Today's Workout: 45 Min spin class 19 miles

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