Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soccer might be a bad idea but I'm gonna do it anyway.

Today's swim felt great. I feel like I am finally getting back in the groove. Today's practice was really long and a bit boring but I felt smooth and felt like I was moving pretty good without trying super hard.

I'm not feeling sick and nothing really hurts (hips, etc.). The only exception is my nose is really sore from this guy running into me full speed on Tuesday night at soccer. It bled and now it is a bit swollen still. Oh, and my knee has a huge bruise on it from soccer. Not sure how that one happened. Deep down I feel like I shouldn't play soccer anymore because I might get hurt and that might ruin everything. However, I love soccer and love the group of friends I have met... Oh, and running while playing soccer is a whole lot better than just plain running. I wore my gps in a soccer game a couple months ago and clocked it at 2 miles. That's pretty good! I was pretty excited about it... except for the people on the field because it would beep everytime I stopped moving.... and since you stop and start running about every 10 seconds, there was a lot of beeping going on. Haha. :)

Today's workout: Swim
5x500's rest 90 seconds
Cool down: 200 back
Total: 2,700 meters Time: 1 hour

P.S. I just figured out how to type a paragraph instead of it looking like a big blob. Wow. Maybe there is hope...

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