Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fire Alarm + Towel and Duct Tape = An Interesting Practice

Friday's practice was filled with lots of excitement. We met super early... 5:15am so we could get a run, foam roller/abs, and weights in all before 7:30. Everyone was super chipper on the run. It rained a little bit so everyone was cracking jokes about melting and that we should turn around. Coach didn't buy it. :) We all give her a hard time... almost on a daily basis. It sure keeps things interesting.

During the foam rolling class the fire alarm went off. We were told that they were testing the alarm and that it might go off frequently. Well it lasted what seemed like forever. The sound was piercing... so we came up with a make-shift fire alarm cover. I went and found some duct tape and together with the help of XXX we covered it up with a towel so it was a muffled sound. We were all rolling (literally) on the ground laughing.

Picture of our fabulous taping job of the fire alarm:

Friday's Practice:
Run 25 minutes in zone 2 (approx 2 miles)
Foam rolling
Weights- upper body

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