Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Swimming a 400 = (1,2,3 breath 1,2,3,4,5 breath ) flip repeat until done

Yesterday felt like heaven. It was a rest day. (This is a recovery week. Hallelujah!!) I got to sleep in till 7:20. Wow! Unfortunately, I really didn't sleep that well past 5:30 because of Mr. Tubby. Tubby stormed by bed like a cyclone at 5:30 running in circles like he had a wild hair up his butt. After a little bit of shouting he got the hint that it was NOT time to get up.

Today we swam at the Aquatic Center again. I swam in a lane with Amy. This was only the 2nd time I swam with her. It went really well. She is a great lane buddy. However, I do miss Jenn.... my old lane buddy. Hopefully she will be back next week. :)

Soccer tonight went well. No bloody noses or bruised knees like last week. We tied playing with 1 girl down. I love my Penguins!

Time for bed now. I heard we have a real doozie of a practice tomorrow. Threshold run test. Fabulous. :)

Today's workout:  Swim
Warmup 4 x 100 as 50m pull, 50m drill of your choice
4 x 400m Descending within each 400 from long course pace to short course pace.
Cool-Down 200m back.
Total: 2,200 meters

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