Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wall Monkey

Well I'm feeling better today but still not great. Early morning wakeup today- 4:30. It is too cold to swim at our pool in Lake Nona (and the pool heater is still broken) so we had to go to the Aquatic Center again today. I really like swimming there. It is setup in a 50 meter format so it makes counting really easy. :) This morning I was definitly not my "Flipper" self- as Preston would call me. Swimming when your head is clogged with crud is never a good sign. I found myself being a Wall Monkey today quite a bit... resting too much on the wall. Oh well, I guess we have to have bad days to appreaciate the good ones. On another note, tonight is the first night that the Penguins are back at it. I play on a soccer team in Winter Park on Tuesday nights. We are always some version of Penguins. This season we are the Thirsty Penguins. Don't ask about the name because I have no idea where it came from. :) Swim Workout: Warmup 200m pull; 100m kick Main Set 1X400m long distance pace then 2X50 up-tempo Repeat 4 times Cool down 200 back Total: 2500 meters in about an hour

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