Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vortex Idol, Team Mascot, IV's, Catheter's.... oh my!

Rode 50 miles today. Had a great turnout.... almost 30 bikers! It's crazy how much stuff you can talk about over the course of 4 hours. The highlights of today....

1. Steve and I decided that there should be a "Vortex Idol"... similar to the American Idol show. (It is only fitting because our tri club is called Team Vortex. I am going to be the DJ who plays the music (b/c I always have Pandora playing). Steve is going to be the host. XXX is going to be our version of Simon.... and Coach Beth is going to be our first singer. (I don't think she knows it yet.) Vortex Idol will be debuting on our next long ride... (b/c hey you've gotta have entertainment when you are going L.O.N.G!!)

2. Tubby (my fat cat below) was nominated to be our team mascot. I thought of a great shirt slogan... "Couch to Ironman" then insert of yours truely below.

3. IM needs to change the rules so that IV's and catheter's are legal. I am sick of having to count every stinking calorie of everything I eat/drink so that I consume at least 300 calories/hour on the bike. That takes too much effort. Just put me on a slow drip IV and I'll be happy. Secondly, having a catheter would sure beat squating in the bushes... I should market this idea and become a millionaire.

4. For anyone who ever rides with me, you can rest assured that I will always have kleenex or toilet paper on hand. If you would like some, it is only $15 a square (tax is included).

5. My friend Keren from the Avalon Tri Club rode with us today. :)

Today's Workout:
Bike 50 miles in zone 2
Avg HR 133
Time: 3:13 (approx 4 hrs if you include breaks, etc)
Avg Pace 15.5 mph
Calories Burnt 2206

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