Saturday, January 28, 2012

First brick since last October.....

This morning was my first brick in a really long time. It felt pretty good... well as good as a brick can feel. :) I hate to admit it but I was in a bad mood for part of it because we had a group of riders with us that normally doesn't come and they were going super fast. At one point we were going 21mph in a headwind. I could keep up but that wasn't what we were supposed to do today. Luckily this didn't last for the entire ride.

The run was pretty low key. XXX, Alisha, and Little T ran with me. Little T kept saying that Dowden Rd has a downward slope. I'm not sure what she is talking about... maybe a downward slope of 1 foot stretched out for 2 miles??? XXX gave her a lot of crap for that. Every 20 steps he'd say, "Love this downward slope."

Today's workout: Bike 25 miles and Run 4 miles in zone 3

Bike 24.6 miles
Time: 1:27
Avg speed 16.9mph
Avg HR 138

Run 4.01 miles
Time: 41.54
Avg pace: 10.27mi/hr
Avg HR 149

Total Calories burnt: 1666

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