Friday, March 30, 2012

What is normal anymore?

Thursday was our bike practice on the trainers. Wallace came to this for the first time. He is quickly being sucked into the vortex....Team Vortex (aka our team name for the Lake Nona YMCA tri club). We have this thing were anyone who comes to practice for the first time is almost always sucked in and end up coming back for more gluten punishment. I am really beginning to think that this is a life changing cult where you will end up doing things you never thought was possible.... most of which are great but to most people in this world is complete ludicrous. For example... if someone were to ask one of us what our typical week looks like they would respond with.... Well we..
1. Workout 6 times a week for an average of 13 hours a week.
2. Wakeup at 4-5am 6 days of the week
3. Swim 5,500 yards, bike 80 miles, and run 12 miles a week. (And this is all just going up every week....)
4. Then there is tons of laughing, whining and complaining (which is all in good fun), harassing the CL (which is also in good fun... although I think we enjoy it more than the CL- just slightly), and making everlasting friendships.

So the #1-3 is definitely the ludicrous part. Sometimes I think we should all get therapy... possibly a group therapy session... (because heck, there are a LOT of us... and we could prolly get a good discount!!) Rainbow, we could use your assistance here, but I think you could benefit from this also so I think that disqualifies you. Anyone that does this must most definitely have a couple of loose screws. I will be the first to admit that this does seem crazy. My phone call with my stepmom this morning also helped confirm things (that I already knew were true). She asked what I did this week (over spring break), and I responded with basically just swimming, biking, running, weights, sleeping and other random stuff I had to get done. She then responds with, "You need to get a life!" Wow. Maybe she is right, but I like my life. Besides, this is a lot healthier than throwing back drinks at a bar wasting away my money, being hit on by douche bags, and then being hung over the next day. So even though this is crazy, the good thing is that I am in good company!! When all you do is hang out with crazy people, you don't feel quite so crazy anymore! It is just when you get around the so-called-normal people that you start to think otherwise!

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