Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chicken Dance

Swam at LN again today and the pool lights were on today! Hooray! Thanks to this I didn't run into the lane lines or miss as many flip turns. :) Practice this morning was just great. Lots of people showed up (around 15-18), we had music playing, saw the sunrise, etc. I swam in a lane with Jenn and Wings. We did lots of drills, including this one where you mimic the chicken dance. Basically you put your hands in your armpits and swim. The goal is to think of having high elbows. However, I was just trying to concentrate on not drowning. If it weren't for my kick I think I would be at the bottom of the pool right now.

Today's workout: swim
Warm up: 200 pull; 100 kick
Drills: 4 sets of  (finger tip drag, closed fist, one arm swim, chicken dance) 50 of each drill
(so it is a 200 continuous repeated 4 times)
Main Set: Dirty Dozen of 25 yard swim (effort 7 out of 10) Get out at each 25 and do 1 push up, then 2 push ups, then 3, push ups, until the 12th 25 yard length you do 12 push ups.

200 mod R20
200 hard R20
Cool down: 100 kick; 200 back

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