Sunday, March 11, 2012

Biking in Haines City

Saturday we biked the 70.3 course in Haines City. The weather was great and we had a really good turnout. It took us about 45 minutes to get there. When we arrived a ton of us had to go to the bathroom. We checked the bathrooms in the park but they were LOCKED. This was the only part of the day when I about lost it. Haha. (#Don't you dare lock the bathrooms Park Ranger! That is a good way to get Snackie mad!) Everyone who had to go potty piled into Hairy Scary's car to find a McDonalds. Wow was that an adventure!!! She had all of her seats out of her van because she hauled a bunch of bikes for the team. So about 7 of us are all sitting in the floor of her van when we pull out and she says she doesn't know where she is going and that she can't SEE very good. (#Lord help us.) Half of us (ok, mostly me) were screaming to just drive because she is about to have a puddle in her van. After making a couple of wrong turns, holding on to the floor for dear life, and running a light we make it! Haha. After that adventure we got back and set out on the bike course.

I was a bit discouraged with the bike course. It was extremely bumpy with pot holes everywhere. There were also lots of mean dogs running out of their yards wanting to bite you. At one point Little T took one for the team. She was leading in the front and a dog came running out of the middle of nowhere. I thought for sure it was going to bite her, but luckily it didn't. It is a miracle that no one got hurt since we were in a pace line with about 12 people bumper to bumper. However, despite these things it was really cool biking through the orange groves. If you have ever riden the ride Soaring at Epcot, it was exactly like that. You could smell oranges for at least half of the 56 mile ride. I also saw lots of goats, and a mama chicken with her 10+ chicks, and lots of cows staring at us giving us weird looks.  The company on the ride was good too. :)

Afterwards we went to Perkins to refuel and hang out with the old people. I love that place. Maybe it's because I'm 29 going on 60. Haha. I figure that old people know where the good food is because heck, they've been around long enough to try out all the bad places that they've finally got it right. On the ride home I was spent. I took a nap in the back of CL's car just to wake up to find out that they took a picture of me and posted it on FB. Fabulous.

Today's workout: bike 56 miles in Haines City
Garmin messed up because I hit stop in the middle and forgot to hit start again. I hate when I do that.

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