Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hot, windy brick

You know how once in a while you start out to do something and it just doesn't seem to go as planned? Well that was what Saturday's brick felt like. We got off to a late start because some people showed up late. When we started rolling we had an interesting conversation about going numero uno while riding ON the bike. It is crazy what some people will do to save time. I can tell you that I am NOT one of those people willing to sit in their own pee for 50 miles. However, quite a few people were and they weren't shy about letting you know! Haha! I am however very happy to find out who these people are.... so now I know who NOT to draft! :)

Other random things... PD got a flat tire. The group had a hard time staying together because of the different speeds. We went a new route today and made a couple wrong turns. I wouldn't say we were lost... but we were definitely all thinking... "what the heck just happened?" And the CL didn't feel well. :( And, according to Stebra, "RB had a Category 3 gust out of her tailpipe after the run this morning. Most shocking moment of the year for me so far." I thought Stebra was going to have a heart attack. This might be one of the reasons why CL didn't feel well... Oh how I love my team. :)

The bike was SUPER windy. 25mph gusts. The run afterwards was HOT.... at least 86 degrees. Hairy Scary kept me moving on the run. I felt like I was going to melt on the sidewalk. Afterwards we had a nice snack and chatted it up a bit before we all went home. :) After a 2 hour nap and an ice bath I felt like a normal person again.

Today's workout: bike/run brick
50.91 mile bike in zone 2
avg HR 130
avg pace 16mph
Time: 3:10
Calories Burnt 2,307

1.97 mile run
Time: 18:59
avg HR 166
Calories Burnt 199
avg pace 9:38 min/mile

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