Monday, March 5, 2012

For the record, I do not have gills

Well the pool heater is fixed at the LN pool so we were back there today for the first time in quite a while. Being back was really bitter sweet. I love the aquatic center because it is well lit, has a clock, and is long course meters (sometimes). The LN pool is just about the exact opposite. We aren't allowed to have lights around the pool because the neighbors don't like it. There is no clock and it is a 25 yard pool. However, next Sunday starts daylight savings so it should be light and a digital clock was just ordered. Yay! The best thing about the LN pool is that I get to wake up at 5:10am instead of 4:40 AND I can come home and take a 20 minute nap before work. Wahh hooo!!

I swam in a lane with XXX. He only hit me once. It wasn't on purpose. He said sorry and I actually didn't even realize he hit me. I guess my skin is thickening up and I don't even realize it. Oh joy. :) Camel was in the lane next to me. At one point we were doing our warm up and I realized that he wasn't resting after each 75 so I called him on it and he was like, "Oh, so that's what we're supposed to do." Haha. It was pretty funny... so funny that when I pushed off I was still laughing and inhaled some water. FYI, that's not a good idea. For those of you that say I have gills and swim like a fish.... let me be clear, I tried that out today and it didn't work out so hot. :)

Today's workout: swim
Warmup: 6x75 swim, drill, pull
Main set: 4x500 R60 (zone 2 pace) For me approx 1:40/100 pace
4x25 sprint R10
Cool down: 200 back

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