Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Must wear helmet to soccer next week

Yesterday's practice was a 30 minute run (about 3 miles) then we worked on running form. It was pretty funny to watch some people run and then critique them. Some people shuffled their feet, some stared at the ground, some ran with one shoulder too high, and others (like me) did this funky thing with their arms when they ran. Once the sun starts coming up in the early morning hours we will get video taped by the CL so we can see what we look like running. That should be interesting. :)

Yesterday I also had a soccer game in Winter Park. Normally they are very uneventful and everyone has a great time. However, yesterday was not the case. I have been playing defense a lot lately (either that or midfield) and last night I was at the wrong place at the wrong time... twice. I got blasted in the head twice- both by my own teammates. The first time happened in a mass collision where I ended up getting hit in the left ear by my teammates shoulder. I fell to the ground and laid there for a few minutes until I could feel like things weren't moving anymore in my head. After a few minutes I felt ok so I went right back in to play some more. Not even 2 minutes passed and one guy from my team cleared the ball and it hit me square on the right side of my face. At this point I was done. No more soccer for me. As I was walking off the field I almost got it AGAIN! Ugh. This is not like me. I hardly ever get injured. (Knock on wood.) Luckily, I didn't get a concussion.... just a swollen face and a big headache. Next Tuesday, I might just wear my bike helmet to soccer.

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