Friday, March 30, 2012

Wallace + Crampy = Team Ocean

Wednesday's swim wasn't great. I swam for the first time at our night practice (6:30-8pm) because my melon was still a bit off from yesterday and I wanted to give it some more time to rest. Unfortunately, I got a bad headache half way into the swim. I'm not sure why... but think that yesterday along with some really tight goggles were to blame. I swam with Crampy. On the other side of my lane was Wallace. Wallace has decided that him and Crampy makeup Team Ocean. Why? Because swimming next to them is like swimming in a tidal wave. Every time I turned my head to breath I got a mouth full of water. Too bad I wasn't thirsty or dehydrated. JK.

I heard that the morning practice was pretty crazy. Everyone was giving CL a hard time because she added up the total yardage wrong. We did 3,400 and everyone wanted to make sure that every inch was accounted for. Nice job team...

Wednesday's swim workout:
Warm-Up 200m Pull 10sec RI; 200m Kick 10sec RI

Drills: 4 x complete set. Each set contains the four following drills. Do 50m of each drill for 200m in the set before you 20sec RI. (Total of 800m)
Finger Tip Drag; Closed Fist; Slow Armed Recovery;Bow and Arrow Drill

Main Set: is a ladder
50m easy 10sec RI
100m easy 15sec RI
150m easy 20sec RI
200m easy 25sec RI
300m mod 30sec RI
400m mod 45sec RI
300m hard 30sec RI
200m hard 25sec RI
150m hard 30sec RI
100m,hard 20sec RI
50m hard 10sec RI

Cool Down: 200m Back

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