Saturday, March 17, 2012

I hate bikes

Friday we ran 3 miles, had the foam roller and killer ab class. The biggest thing that happened on Friday is I had my new tri bike assembled. When the guys finished it they called me to share some bad news. Sadly, when they were assembling it they noticed that the screws that tighten the bottle cage to the frame were stripped. I called the place that sold me the bike and they said that it was a defective bike and that I needed to send it back to them. There was no way to fix it. So now I have to wait until next FRIDAY at the earliest to get a new bike. Grr. I have not been having good luck with bikes. Not only this but my current Trek road bike that I've been using has issues also. The front derailer broke and I took it in to get it fixed and they said that my bike is so old that they don't make that part anymore. (I have a 24 speed bike and I guess they don't make that speed bike anymore in Trek...) So frustrating. I really wish there was an Ironman event that existed where all you had to do was run and swim. I would definitely swim 15 miles over biking 112 any day.  I am sick of dealing with bikes.

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