Friday, March 30, 2012

My new tri bike!!!

This morning we went for a 2 mile run in zone 2. From now on zone 2 is going to be called granny pace as I feel like a snail could move faster than me. However, this isn't all true. My granny pace has actually gotten faster.... while also keeping my heart rate low. Yay! Go granny go!

We had our foam roller class after the run. I was a rebel today and hung in the back with the rest of the trouble makers aka Hairy Scary, XXX, Alfredo, Diane, and Stebra. The CL had a new routine for us today. It was filled with lots of painful exercises involving the foam roller but mainly a tennis ball. At one point Mini Me aka Bulky was showing us how to do some of the tennis ball exercises. At this point I was leaning against a wall with the tennis ball between my back and the wall and doing a squatting motion to move the ball around on my back to massage the muscles. The goal here was to loosen up your back/shoulder/neck muscles by leaning against the tennis ball. Just as I was getting in the groove I looked over at Alfredo next to me. He is doing the same exercise as me. He blurts out that he feels like he is having an intimate session with the wall. (Those were not his exact words... but you can tell were I am going with this.) Haha! I laughed so hard that my tennis ball almost went flying. I love my team.

Best news of the day?! I got fitted on my new tri bike!!! See pic below of me taking my new baby home from the hospital... aka bike shop. :)
I had the fitting done by Jose. He did a great job. He really took his time.... well over 2 hours. He is a pretty funny guy. Over the course of 2 hours we talked about so much... He should advertise that his bike fitting also includes dating advice, family therapy, and nutrition counseling- haha. Haha, no our conversation was actually really light and we laughed a lot. On a side note, I think our club keeps them in business because during the time I was there I saw Emmett and Alfredo come in. Wow, what a small world! Anyways, at the end of the fitting we were talking about my bike bag and that the CL had recommended that I carry a tire with me for the IMFL race. I was telling/asking them how the heck I was going to take one of them because I could barely fit a tube in my bag nevertheless a whole freaking TIRE! That's when Desi said that I wouldn't need to bring a tire with me because he would be my bike support and ride behind me the entire way just as long as I fed him all you can eat ice cream and cookies. Priceless! (FYI, Desi is the mechanic at the bike shop who rides at the speed of lightning who always has something to say... about everything.) I never did get that question answered. Hopefully, Desi really plans on riding behind me...

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