Monday, April 30, 2012

Wild racoon at swim practice

Monday: Swim
Warm-up: 400m pull NO pull buoy 10sec RI; 400m kick with fins. 10sec RI
Main-set: 6 x 200m alternating with fins and without trying to maintain the same pace for all 200's 30sec RI (I didn't use fins b/c I don't have any and also because I don't like them. :) )
400m kick, 50m on each side 30sec RI
4 x 50m descending 20sec RI
4 x 25m descending with 10sec RI
Cool-Down: 200m back
RUN 2 miles at recovery pace. (I didn't run. Instead I ran in the pool for 25 minutes with a granny belt on.)
Tuesday: Bike trainer & TRX core workout
I took it easy and didn't add too many heavy gears on the bike today. Right hip still hurting a little.
Wednesday: Swim
Warmup: 4 x 200m EASY as 100m free, 25m kick no board, 25m breaststroke kick no board, 50m backstroke. Rest 30sec between 200's
Main Set: 6 x 200m as 100m HARD, 75m easy, 25m kick no board 30sec RI
10 x 50m alternating HARD, EASY repeat. 20sec RI
Cool-down: 200m back
This was a good workout. The 200's were pretty tough. I feel like lately we are doing shorter yardage but more sprinting/intensity. Going from doing a 400 or 500 going a slow-mod pace to a  200 hard is a big change! I used to hate 400 and 500's. Now I am beginning to like them a lot more than doing a 200. :) Oh how the times have changed! :)
Thursday: Bike trainer & TRX core workout
Pretty uneventful on the bike trainer. I took it easy again b/c of my hip. The TRX workout was pretty tough. We had the TRX around out feet this morning. We started in the plank position with our legs suspended in the air. We then did a push up, followed by a pike up and then repeated that. I felt like I was going to die doing this. My lower back wanted to give out... this is only because my core is weak. Wow. That was a WORKOUT!!
Friday: Foam roller & Killer Abs
Today's foam roller workout was pretty nice. CL didn't try to kill us too much with the core exerices. That was a nice surprise. At the end of practice Mini Me had a 3 minute core test for us. It was basically 3 minutes of plank broken down into these incriments (1 minute regular plank; 30 sec right arm plank; 30 sec left arm plank; 1 minute regular plank).
Saturday: 65 mile bike
This was actually a pretty crappy day. Long story short, I almost got hit by a truck and I fell off my bike... among other things.
Garmin Stats:
Distance: 65 miles
Avg HR: 141
Avg pace: 17.2 mph
Time: 3:46 (doesn't include a couple breaks)
Total Calories Burnt: 2980
Sunday: Run in pool for 1 hr 45 min
I was supposed to run 8 miles today but because of the hip I ran in the pool. The 8 mile run was supposed to be in zone 2 (meaning very slow). So I figured it would take me about 12 minutes per mile if I was going to actually run. So I took that and converted it into time I would run in the pool. I ran for 1 hour and 40 minutes with the granny belt around my waist. Guess how many lengths I ran during that time? Answer.... 76! I wanted to shoot myself after about an hour. Luckily there were a lot of little kids at the pool and people around so I had a lot to look at. I would say it was once step above watching paint dry. :)
Monday, April 30: Swim
Warm-up: 200 free, 200 breast, 200 kick
Main Set: 8x200 build R 30 sec
4x50 hard R 20 sec
Cool down: 200 back; 200 kick
I stayed up wayy too late last night.... so at practice today I was moving like a snail and was very unmotivated. I did complete everything... but just barely.

Last night I was in Avalon hanging otu with my friends at the Food Trucks. Wow. I didn't know the Food Trucks were that popular. I had heard of them but didn't know people went that crazy over them. For those of you not from Orlando, there is this thing called the Food Trucks Bizzare. Local vendors have a food truck (similar to a food truck at a carnival) that they park on the street. There were like 40 food trucks. It is good food too... not crappy carnival food. The Food Trucks Bizzare travels all around Orlando. I had a chicken waffle. Weird name but very tasty. I had to wait in line for at least 20 minutes for that thing! Some of the food trucks had a super long line. One truck was called the Yum Yum truck. It was a cupcake truck and it had at LEAST 75 people in line. Wow.
Back to swim practice. One last thing I will share..... at the end of practice this morning I got out of the water, wrapped up in my towel, looked across the deck and saw a RACOON!! It was daylight at this time. The racoon squeezed through the fence and was walking towards the pool. The lifeguard took a scandal and tried to throw it at it to scare it so it would run away... but it didn't work. To make matters worse, the racoon looked really sick. It was walking really slow, staggering back and forth. Jabber Jaws (Melissa) freaked out, ran to a chair, then proceeded to stand on the chair yelling at the lifeguard to call animal control because it could bite someone and make us very sick. All while this is going on, Emmett and Little T are still in the pool swimming laps. LIttle T sees Jabber Jaws standing on a chair freaking out so she perks up to see what is going on. The racoon then proceeds to get IN THE WATER.... standing on the edge drinking the pool water. It looks like it is drooling from the mouth. Then we all get an idea that Emmett should shoot the racoon because it looks like it could have rabies, or some other awful disease. Emmett then procedes to laugh at us and tell us he can't shoot racoons. He is a cop. Oh boy. The lifeguard then starts to get the hint that we should all leave after the racoon starts walking the perimeter of the pool in the gutter drinking the water. On my way out I told the front desk ladies that it wasn't a joke and then they called Animal Control. I'll have to get an update to morrow morning to see what happened. Never a dull moment.

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  1. Holy crap! You planning on doing 2 Ironman's back to back or what? No rest day? Isn't your Ironman 6 months away? Whoever designed your training plan must not like you :)

    Don't be afraid to take it easy every once in awhile, your body needs some recovery.