Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bad dreams and a long painful run

Last night I slept the best I have in days. It was great. I even got to sleep in till 6:30! Wow. That is a luxury. The night before I had the worst dream. Usually I forget what I dream about, but it was so bad I can still remember. So what was it? Well, I dreamt that I woke up and I was all of a sudden 500lbs and I couldn't get my bike shorts on. I kept trying and trying to get my size small bike shorts on and they just wouldn't go!! Grr. Then I dreamt that I got on my bike and fell over because I was so big that I couldn't balance. I was telling this story yesterday during our long bike ride in Haines City. XXX asked if when I fell over on my bike if I had my bike shorts on. LOL. Hmm. Good question. I don't remember that part of the dream!

Today I went on a long run with XXX, Ken, and Hugo. XXX's wife, Debbie was the SAG.... which basically meant that she rode along beside us on a mountain bike handing off water to XXX. The rest of us wore our fuel belts filled with water. It was a perfect morning for a run.... low 60's, sunny. Everything for me went great until about mile 6 (out of 8). My right hip started to get tight and painful. I stopped quite a few times to stretch and walk. It is kind of frustrating because my hips have been pretty good up until now. The CL says I need to go back to my run/walk plan that I was doing last fall. That makes me sad because I can't really run with the group anymore... because when I walk everyone gets so far ahead of me. :(

Today's workout: Long Run in zone 2
7.6 miles
Time: 1:23
Avg pace: 10:54 (this includes lots of walking when my hip started hurting)
Calories Burnt: 781
Avg HR: 144 (yay! This is getting better and better! My zone 2 is 150-160... so that means I am getting even more efficient!!)

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