Saturday, April 21, 2012

Less than 200 days now!

Monday:  Swim
On Monday I swam with XXX.  He is getting to be my normal lane buddy as Wings and Jen are not able to come all the time. We have a good time. I normally push off first and lead the lane. He tries to draft off of me and pull on my foot. Every so often I can feel him getting close as he will barely touch my toes. When that happens I kick just a little bit harder. J
Today’s swim practice was not as exciting as my dream. Last night I dreamt that I was driving down the highway and decided that I needed a job. I saw a McDonald’s and thought … hmm well I should work here. I went in, and they hired me. They then told me that my first couple paychecks would be really small because I had to buy this hideous, but expensive shirt to wear to work. I put my shirt on, then they walked me in the back of the kitchen and I saw a mountain of shoes that went to the ceiling. All of the shoes were like elf shoes where they curled up by the toes. I was then told that I had to buy AND wear a pair of these shoes too. What?! I then drove home, 1 hour away, and thought why the heck am I working so far from where I live?
Tuesday: Bike & Core
I’m not sure what was going on but there was a really small crew that showed up to the bike practice this morning. The DS didn’t even come due to an injury. Speaking of the DS (Drill Sargent for those of you who forgot), last Saturday we had a Team Social at the Nona Tap Room. When most everyone was drinking beer, I was drinking water (with grape Propel of course). She told me for every glass of water I drank, I would get -5 pushups. I am still waiting to cash in my credits…. especially because I drank 3 glasses of water.  Even though she did say that the nachos I ate canceled out my credits… I don’t care… and that wasn’t part of the deal!
Wednesday: Swim
Again, a very small turnout. I actually swam in a lane all by myself all practice long. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. At the end of practice, we had some kicking in our cool down. Emmett had already started picking up the kickboards to put them away when Little T asked him to leave hers because she still needed it. Emmett, a police officer by day, then thought it would be funny to start chucking kickboards at her in the middle of the pool. We were all laughing hysterically. Little T was saying that she only needed one, and he kept tossing kickboards in her lane. J Oh boy. Emmett then started saying that he could arrest her because he was sure that there was something she was doing that could equate to a felony (since the police dictionary of what you can arrest people for is supposedly never-ending). I like seeing that side of Emmett.
Thursday: Bike & Core
The bike practice went really well. Mini Me helped out the CL with Core. Mini Me was in charge of telling us what to do on the TRX equipment and the CL did floor exercises with us on mats. Wow. This core work that we have been doing is really making a difference. Every day I do a core workout I can feel it at work the rest of the day. I make just the slightest turn and I can hear my abs saying “please don’t hurt me. I’m still tired.” It also makes you hungry I have noticed! Wow.
Friday: 2 mile run, Foam Roller, Killer Abs
The run went pretty well. I went really slow and did 4 min run; 1 min walk. My right hip has still been hurting. The foam roller class is becoming increasingly more difficult. What used to be a more relaxing class where you roll out your muscles is becoming a ½ foam roller; ½ core class. Mini Me was there again with the CL. Mini Me is an Athletic Trainer and is using her kills to torment us. The CL and Mini Me would alternate. CL would have us do 1 foam roller exercise, then Mini Me would have us do 1 core exercise. Wow. That was hard. I do appreciate it. I feel like I am getting in pretty good shape. The DS was back for Killer Abs today. Thank goodness it is only 15 minutes on Friday!

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