Monday, April 16, 2012

Richard vs. Romeo

Recap of last week:

I went to the bike trainer class... and even the Drill Sargent's torture core exercises. Like always, I felt like I was going to die at the end of class. Biking on the trainers is so much harder than biking outside. It is good though, as I can tell that I build up a lot of strength and endurance doing these workouts. I guess no pain, no gain really is true...

Tuesday night I had soccer. We won 4-0. It was a great game. Afterwards we went to Mellow Mushroom. Wow, that place is amazing. I could eat their pizza everyday.

I woke up this morning and I could barely move my right arm. My shoulder hurt really bad... kind of like in college when I had impingement/rotator cuff issues. I did a lot of icing, naproxen, and resting today. No working out.

Shoulder still wasn't great but I still went to the bike trainer class and tried to avoid being in aero. I also didn't do the DS' torture routines. During the bike trainer workout we were listening to Rainbow Bright's music. I don't know where she got that stuff from. I swear it sounded like we were in Africa and there were elephants stampeding by. Weird. We all gave her a hard time.

We ran for 30 minutes then had the foam roller workout. Pretty uneventful.

We had a 50 mile bike and a 6 mile run out of Lake Nona. My shoulder was still hurting so I decided to ride my road bike instead of my tri bike. Why? I have noticed that my tri bike has a more aggressive angle that puts more pressure on my shoulders. I know I will eventually get used to it, however I thought it would be good to give my shoulder a rest until it was healed more. Everyone was asking where my new bike was and why I wasn't riding it. Well.... this turned into quite the conversation on the bike. Mini Me and Gator Bait decided that my new bike wasn't being riden by me today because it didn't have a name. They then started talking about names. Names that were mentioned were: Bob, Larry, (others I can't remember).... and then there was Richard. Mini Me decided that my new bike's name is now Richard. My road bike was given the name Romeo. This then turned into a rated R discussion of why my bike's name is Richard. Reasons given (by people other than me!) were that I ride my bike a long time, tri bikes are good for long distances, etc. You know where this is headed.... especially when you think of Richard's nickname. Oh boy. Then they started saying how I was cheating on Richard with Romeo. My team almost went off the deep end. Haha. It was definitely good entertainment for a 50 mile bike ride.

Other good hightlights? Well, Ladies Man said that his dream was to get a speeding ticket on his bike. Haha. That would be a great day. Also, it was super windy today.... gusts at 15-20mph. Everyone kept giving me a hard time saying that somehow I just always ended up in the front of the paceline, pulling when we had the wind to our backs. Haha. I promise it wasn't planned. I'd rather be lucky than good was my response to them. :) I did pull into the wind for a while, just to redeem myself. :)

Saturday's bike/run (in zone 2) stats:
50.1 mile bike
Time: 2:58 (doesn't include breaks)
16.8mph pace
Avg HR 132

5.85 mile run
10:32/mile pace
Avg HR 158

Total Calories Burnt: 2,970

Bad news on Saturday: my right hip started hurting pretty bad on the run. :( I walked quite a bit... in addition to doing the run/walk routine again.

I was supposed to run 6 miles today but my right hip was still sore. Instead, I rollerbladed 8 miles while Amber and Leslie ran next to me. We had a great time. I miss those girls!

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