Monday, April 9, 2012

Who knew counting in a pool could be so stressful!

Back to the daily grind today. Yesterday I was so tired I practically slept the whole day. I swam in a lane with XXX and Andres today. I was told that we are still in Base 3 (heck if I know what that means). This week our workouts will be high volume but low intensity. These are my favorite kind of workouts. I have never been a sprinter or had any sort of fast twitch muscles. My muscles like to go SLOOOWWW and steady. :) I guess that is why signing up for an IM seemed doable.

Today's workout was pretty uneventful. The only abnormal things were:
1. I hit someone in the head (Diane or LD) by accident as they swam by me in the lane next to me. I'm not sure who that hurts more... them or me. Sorry.

2. I can't count.... but this is not new news. You would think that counting a 200 would be simple. Wrong! On one of our 200's I thought I was done and it was only a 150... wishful thinking I guess. Back in the day (high school and college) I would count by 50's.... but lately I have since switched to counting by lengths (1,2,3 all the way up to 8 for a 200). I do better that way because I know I messed up when I get to a wall and it is not an odd or an even. Stupid I know. Sooo, usually when I count by lengths I have been doing good. CL had us do 8x200's today. Having me count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and also remember what 200 I am on is the equivalent to getting pink on the team vortex uniforms.... IT WON'T EVER HAPPEN. So I have a super scientific method. I count what 200 I am on my covering up the "no diving" sign one letter at a time with a zoomer. It works perfectly because there are 8 letters in "no diving". Brilliant, I know. Haha.

On another note... I wish I had thought of the counting by lengths back in hs and college as that makes it so much easier. I remember having so much anxiety when it came to swimming practice. Counting your laps, remembering what one you are on, figuring out when you push off the wall when you get back (for when you are swimming on an interval... because if you got it wrong the coach would yell at you... and I was always a goody goody. If anyone ever yelled at me or thought badly of me I was devastated.), and also worrying that you are going too slow (because I was always the slow one... especially in college). I hated being slow... but I guess that is what happens when you are now a little fish in a big pond. I remember those days. It was so stressful. I remember feeling relieved to be done not because I was tired but because I was so worried of getting the counting wrong.  Speaking of which, the more I think about it the less I want the LN YMCA to get a clock!! Geez oh peats! We can't do intervals because we don't have a clock... and when the CL says rest 10... well unless you are counting "one one-thousand, two one-thousand, etc" you can just sit on the wall like a monkey for a little longer and not be in trouble! :)

Ok, enough rambling.

Today's workout: Swim

Warmup: 200m pull; 2 x 200m kick as 50m on each side.
Drills: 2 x 250 (50 of Each Drill)
Finger Tip Drag; Closed Fist; One-Armed Swim; Slow Armed Recovery; Bow and Arrow
Main Set:
8 x 200m as Odd's: Easy; Even's: Hard on 30sec RI
4 x 50m as Mod, Hard, Mod, Hard on 10sec RI
Cool Down: 200m Back

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