Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Stats

Sometimes when I am writing I wonder if anyone is reading this. Well I looked at my blog stats today and WOW!!! I was very surprised at what I saw. I thought it was so interesting that I will share it with you...

Blog Stats as of today
1,142 - times my blog has been viewed since it was created
29- times my blog was viewed yesterday

What browser does everyone use to look at my blog?
45% use Internet Explorer
23% use Moble Safari
16% use Firefox
10% use Safari
1% use Chrome
1% use Opera

Last week these countries viewed my blog this many times
US- 41
Russia- 11
Netherlands- 1
Turkey- 1

I don't know anyone who lives in Russia, Germany, Netherlands, or Turkey. If you are interested, I would like for you to comment on my blog so you could share with me what brought you to my blog and if I know you personally.

Have a great night everyone and Happy Easter!

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