Saturday, April 7, 2012

It is April already!! Almost less than 200 days to IMFL!!

This was a really busy week. Spring break was over and it was back to the daily grind. It is harder for me to update my blog because our workouts are getting longer in the mornings during the week and that is when I used to update it (before i go to work)... and now I am having to move faster to get to work on time...  I know.... excuses, excuses. :)

Monday: Swim/Run Brick

Warm-Up 200 Free 10sec RI
200 Kick 10sec RI
Drills - Complete four sets for total of 400m Rest 20sec between sets
Finger Tip Drag (50m)
Slow Armed Catch Up (50m)
Main Set - 4 x 400m Odd: pull (use paddles if you have them) Even: freestyle with fins. 30sec RI
Cool Down: 200m Back
Run 2miles in Zone 2 out of the pool

The swim felt really good. I swam in a lane with Wings and XXX. XXX kept saying that swimming behind me when I have fins on is like swimming in a washing machine. Haha. :) XXX was given the option of swimming with us this morning or moving to the Dave squared lane. He chose us. I'm so proud of him! I think we are growing on him. :) He used to complain about being in our lane and try to get out of it in any way that he could. Oh how he has changed. :)

The run wasn't bad either. This is the first time I think I have ran after doing a full swim workout. Running when you are sopping wet is not the best, but it does simulate what a real tri is like. My heart rate was a lot higher than normal on the run, but it felt smooth. No hip pain.

Tuesday: Rest
To be honest, I did jack sh$$ today (compared to a normal day)... and it was fabulous! Tubby did not know how to act this morning. When my alarm never went off at 5:10 he began pacing on my bed until he finally sat on top of me.... which then woke me up. (It is impossible to sleep with a 28lb cat on you.) I had 2 big meetings at work this morning that I had to get there early and prepare for. I did have soccer at night. We lost 0-4. It was sad. It was not a good game... however I did not get hit in the head- or anywhere for that matter, so I should say that it was a success.
Wednesday: Swim
I don't have the workout that we did, but it was very similar to Monday's swim. Our long course set was 500's with alternating pulling with paddles and swimming with fins. I borrowed CL's zoomers. She thinks I need to use fins to stop relying on my kick so much to get me through the water. This prolly isn't a bad idea. I have a crappy pull (compared to my kick). The zoomers I borrowed from CL tore up my big toes. I wish I had put some Body Glide on my toes because it rubbed against my skin and it is raw. (Even today, 3 days after this practice, my toes are still raw.) Ouch.

Thursday: Bike on trainer & torture drills
Today we biked on the trainers like usual- but there was some changes from what we were used to. First, we were all in a straight line instead of going around the 3 point basketball line. I think the CL did this so we couldn't see each other as well and therefore couldn't talk as much. Today felt like Fat Camp. I biked next to Lady's Man (Alfredo) and Little T. Even though we weren't supposed to talk much, we did anyway- especially when the CL wasn't looking. At one point she was getting on us to be serious and she left the room and we were doing the wave when she walked in. It was pretty funny. She even laughed. But then it was back to Fat Camp. What does Fat Camp sound like?? Well, it sounds like CL barking out orders like this.... "Your legs are moving too slow!! Higher cadence!! Alfredo, what are you doing getting off the bike?! Get back on! Make it one gear harder, then stand up. Move faster! Stop talking. If you're talking then that means you aren't working hard enough! You shouldn't be able to talk! Sit back down. Make it one gear harder. I didn't say slow your cadence!" CL is a very nice lady and pushes us.  She knows what we are capable of. She is tough but she also knows when to back off when we are about ready to die... thank goodness. :) I appreciate that she is so tough on us because if she wasn't I prolly wouldn't be doing this race and be sitting here typing this right now.

This was my first trainer experience with my tri bike versus my road bike. Wow, what a difference. First of all, it is FABULOUS to have more than just the big chain ring! That was getting REAL old! Although, I must say that biking in the big chain ring with my road bike is much easier than biking in the big chain ring on my tri bike.

After the bike workout we had a surprise from Elaine, another trainer from the YMCA. Elaine (who I will now refer to as the Drill Sargent) can make you feel pain like you have never felt before in 30 seconds or less. She is the equivalent to Julian from the Biggest Loser. She doesn't put up with any crap and if you aren't doing it right, she will let you know (in a heartbeat) and make you do it right (even though it may cause you to be 6 feet under aka dead). The Drill Sargent had the TRX bands waiting for us. We were split up into groups and one group first went to the TRX bands while the rest were on mats doing other painful things. This was my first experience with the TRX equipment. Wow. One of the exercises involved the TRX band hanging from the basketball hoop. It hung down and was 1 foot from the ground. My job was to do a plank with one foot in side of each of the 2 TRX loops. OMG. I have a weak core (this is bad, I know) and this is specifically designed to strengthen your core. Well anyways, I got into position (or what I thought was the correct way to be) and the Drill Sargent walks over and says, "What are you doing? STOP SAGGING YOUR STOMACH. WE DON'T DO IT LIKE THAT." She wasn't kidding. Not one ounce of her. The CL is tough on you, but you know deep down it is coming from love. I did not sense any love from the Drill Sargent. In fact, she just about put the fear of God into me. I did what I was told and lifted up my stomach. I was shaking like a leaf. Afterwards she mentioned how good for us that was. I then found out that we will be seeing the Drill Sargent 3 times a week (Tues, Thurs, and Fri) in addition to everything we have already been doing. Wow. Talk about kicking it up a notch! Deep down I do like it, how sick is that!?

Friday: 30 min run, foam roller, killer abs, weights
Friday's workout was a 30 minute run. I ran with Ladies Man, Percy, and Gator Bait. We ran in a zone 2 pace and laughed a lot. I am so thankful to be able to run with people. Getting up and running at 5am in the dark would never happen if I did this on my own. We talked about that a lot on this run.

The foam roller class was good. The CL is constantly thinking of ways to switch it up and add in new exercises. I like that. I feel like my body is getting used to the old exercises, so adding in new things definitely makes it more challenging.

Drill Sargent came back again today for the Killer Abs class. What is her recipe for torture? Answer: A ball, a mat, 2 weights and 15 minutes. The hardest exercise we did today was a situp where you: Step 1: put the ball in between your legs, do a situp while you also bring your legs up extended out straight with the ball. Step 2: your arms grab the ball and you lower your arms and legs back down. Step 3: keep alternating the ball between your arms and legs. It is hard keeping your legs straight.

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