Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back in Haines City!

Today we drove to Haines City to bike the 56 mile 70.3 Florida course. We had a great time. Before we got there we stopped at McDonald's to take a quick potty stop and ran into a bunch of girls from the Tri with Sway, another Orlando tri group. We chatted with them for a few minutes, then went to the course start stop. We ran into those girls again. They wanted to take a picture of our group because they thought we looked so official. Haha. I swear they looked just like us. Below is the pic they took. :) I am in the front, 2nd person from the left.

We started off at around 7:45am. It was a bit chilly (60 degrees), but it warmed up pretty quick and we were all shedding layers. I told everyone we had to be done by 11am because the wind was supposed to be 18mph at that time. The CL was sick and couldn't come so XXX and I did what we could to help out. It was a great ride overall... no dogs tried to attack us like the last time we were there. It felt a lot easier than the last time we rode there too. I dunno why exactly... maybe because we went faster and it got over quicker. I remember last time it being a lot hotter. We had a pretty small group today (only 9 of us)... mainly because of the Easter holiday. We were not supposed to bike in a pace line, but we pretty much did anyways because no one knew where they were going.... so we stuck together and figured out the map and navigating as a team. Along the route we did pick up this older lady who was biking by herself. She was doing the same route we were. I think she was happy to join our group.... even with the nut-cases we are. :)

After the ride, we went to Perkins to hang out with the old folks again and to refuel. I yawned so many times in that restaurant. Something about biking.... it makes me want to nap. When I got home, that is exactly what I did. I was so tired I didn't even unpack all of my stuff. Instead, I threw it on the floor, headed for the shower, then the bed. Ahh, I love my bed. :)

Garmin stats:
51 miles (really biked 56 but due to technical difficulties I only had 51 on garmin)
Total time: 3:45 for 56 miles (this includes potty breaks)
Avg speed: 17.2 mph
Avg HR: 143
Max HR: 177
Total Calories burnt: 2568
Nutrition: 3 bottles Gatorade; 5 oatmeal raisin cookies (yay for cookies!)

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